Dear riders and all nature enthusiasts!!! Our Wild Places Asia team is excited to announce a new addition to our adventure arsenal — comfortable motorcycles for Enduro tours!»

⚙️ And now more details about our motorcycle technology. . Chinese manufacturer Hengjian released the Dahaidao 500adv a year ago, a "copy" of the Honda Africa Twin. In other sources, it is also known as Kovi 500adv, Factory 500, Rieju adv 500. Although slightly smaller in terms of the Africa's base, the motorcycle looks dignified on the road, especially with 21/18 wheels in the Adventure version that suits us. Now, let's begin... Engine: Already proven fuel-injected 2-cylinder, 8-valve Loncin KE500. Suspension: Front features SZC 43mm diameter forks with a travel of 200mm. Adjustable for rebound/compression. Comparing them to the KTM Adventure 890, we see the same 43mm/200mm 😊. Clearance: 260mm! Compared to KTM's 235mm). Moving on... . Seat height: Our Chinese model stands at 860mm compared to the opponent's 850mm. Weight: 195kg. (quite reasonable for adventure touring) Against KTM 890's 214kg. By the way, look up the weight of BMW GS series or the Honda Africa Twin 😊. Transmission: 6-speed 1-N-2-3-4-5-6. Brakes: Spanish, JJuan brand, with 2 ventilated discs in the front and reinforced hoses front/rear. Dual-circuit ABS with a button to disable the rear wheel for off-road riding. There's also a factory aluminum handguard and engine and exhaust protection. And the main trump card, especially with our vast distances across the steppes of Kazakhstan and beyond - it has 2 (two) fuel tanks! Front at 25L, rear at 17L. Providing a range of over 1000km!!! 😲 Additionally, two cameras front/rear with the ability to record in 1080p resolution. 7-inch LCD display with night backlight function, Tire pressure sensors, Rear aluminum swingarm, low beam at 4300K, DID 520 chain... . There is also a more road-oriented version "Travel" with a shorter suspension travel, 19/17 wheels, and a height of less than 820mm for riders under 180cm. However, we opted not to choose this version.

Knowing many wild places in Kazakhstan, we are ready to show you such places as: 'Meteorite Craters,' 'Petroglyphs,' and 'Military Sites from the USSR era' in the central Kazakhstan desert 'Betpak Dala.' Incredibly beautiful mountains along the 'Old Austrian Road' in Eastern Kazakhstan. Vast plateaus like 'Ustyurt' and 'Bozhira' in the West. The 'Charyn Canyon,' 'Assy Plateau,' mountain lakes, and sandy deserts in the South. Also, forests, steppes, and lakes, such as 'Borovoe' in Northern Kazakhstan. All of this and more, you can experience as a true nomad of Kazakh lands, riding modern iron horses - brand new Dohaidao ADV 500 enduro motorcycles (Africa Twin replica).


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